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Discussion in 'Chairlift Chat' started by SkiEssentials, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. SkiEssentials

    SkiEssentials Slashing Turns and Prices Industry Insider Pugski Sponsor

    Nov 13, 2015
    This week on our Chairlift Chat blog we take a look at 10 different freeride skis from 10 different brands and talk about their different shapes, constructions, similarities, differences, who they might be best for, and more. You'll also find links to each ski's results in our 1st Annual Ski Test as well as longer, more in depth reviews for certain models that we were able to get out on last season.

    Ski season is rapidly approaching here in Stowe, VT and we're very excited to get on snow! We'll be doing a series of on-snow reviews as soon as the lifts start spinning, so let us know if there are certain skis at which you'd like us to take a closer look.
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  2. Tytlynz64

    Tytlynz64 Booting up Skier

    Mar 30, 2017
    Another great job. Thanks.
  3. markjs

    markjs At the base lodge Skier

    Apr 27, 2017
    I own a pair of the Fischer Ranger 108 in a 188 and love them. Do everything well and handle the firm with some confidence. A real fun ski.
  4. Bryce

    Bryce At the base lodge Skier

    I was toying between the Ranger 108 and the QST 106 for my dedicated touring ski (also considered the Faction CT 3.0, but figured that would make a better "play around the resort" ski). Decided to go with the QST after ready pretty rave reviews for their performance across most conditionals while maintaining a more "playful" feel. I think if I were still living out west and was getting into spicier lines I probably would have gone for the Fischer, but either way the current crop of skis seems pretty rad!
  5. Philpug

    Philpug The Ski'er Admin Pugski Ski Tester

    Nov 1, 2015
    Reno, eNVy
    The 188 is so much different than the next size down. The 188 is the “athlete” ski.

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